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He defied Whistler's needs for him that will help Buffy initially, and many years afterwards, when he was offered a chance to Reside with out his vampiric weaknesses With all the Gem of Amara, he selected to damage it as a substitute, justifying that he required to continue residing along with his punishment.[109] He also refused Drusilla's present to get rid of his suffering with her Lorophage Demon simply because he felt that his guilt drove him to do excellent and kept Angelus at bay.[91] Although Angel's belief in his mission for redemption fluctates commonly in excess of becoming worthwhile, he still continued that can help Some others being a winner.

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Angelus becoming unaffected by truth altering spells (like the one that erased all knowledge of The Beast) while "dormant" raises inquiries with reference to his awareness of Dawn Summers, contemplating the situations of her existence (although it can be that Angel experienced learned about her through a dialogue 'off-display' that granted that expertise to Angelus likewise).

Yet another important difference between Angel and Angelus is Angelus, though pure evil and incapable of sensation like, is noted for brutal functions of 'really like,' like giving Drusilla a fresh new human coronary heart for a Valentine's Working day present.[39] In addition, he has actually been demonstrated to implement others' relationships to torment his enemies; in "Passion," such as, he places the just lately-slain overall body of Jenny Calendar in Giles' bed, along with a several clues to make it surface as if Jenny experienced setup a intimate evening for them. Throughout his remain in Sunnydale, Angelus regularly broke into Buffy's property to observe her slumber and drew portraits of her and her mom then left them driving for Buffy to search out. Angelus also snuck into Willow's house, killed all of her pet fish, then strung all of these alongside one another in an envelope for Willow to locate.

[60] Nevertheless, he was compelled to avoid wasting Lindsey from a hell dimension, as a way to get facts from Lindsey that may enable him defeat the Senior Associates. Although Angel later requested Lindsey's help within the planned past stand against the Circle of your Black Thorn, the moment Lindsey had handled his targets he was shot by Lorne on Angel's orders, Angel reasoning that Lindsey would by no means be "Section of the solution", this last act angering Lindsey With all the realization that Angel failed to take into consideration Lindsey essential adequate to destroy himself.[63] Their romance was rather complicated, with Lindsey coming to Angel for enable over when when the actions of Wolfram & Hart have been too much for him to abdomen. Angel did in the beginning consider to help you Lindsey discover redemption, but at some point gave up on him.

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Angel promised Buffy that he would keep until finally Sunnydale Substantial's Graduation Day, to help avert the Mayor's Ascension. He also warned her that, if they survived the ordeal, he would depart without having stating goodbye, as It could be also agonizing to take action.

Subsequent her Why not give this a try? death, though speaking to the Conduit in the Senior Partners, Angel observed that he experienced favored Lilah being an adversary as he often understood What to anticipate from her.

 Xander immediately jumped on him and commenced brutally attacking him, grabbing the slayer scythe as he was about to stake him. Angel weakly defended himself, reminding him of his possession (which he speedily understood) still scarcely place up a fight towards Xander. On the other hand, Angel was spared when Buffy saved his daily life and prevented her Pal from killing him.[84] Adhering to this, Angel had been lowered to an seemingly catatonic point out, with Faith taking care of him in the London flat that Giles left to her as she feels that she was the only real one who will not judge Angel for his actions as Twilight as a result of her earlier encounter with redemption[eighty five] Resurrecting Giles

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Their instant, nevertheless, was interrupted when Angel was advised of Buffy's resurrection. He promptly remaining with out a phrase to meet her, unintentionally causing Fred to sense not comfortable and upset.[fifty six] Fred even so, at some point moves on to Gunn as a substitute just after learning about Angel's curse, Whilst she and Angel remained great close friends, Fred becoming the only other man or woman current for the birth of Angel's son Connor. However their romance was mostly platonic instead of intimate, Fred did kiss him at the time to fool passers-by- into contemplating they have been simply a random few whenever they ended up to the run from Jasmine's followers. When she asked if they acquired it, Angel replied "I did." Outside of this, they remained really close. Like the rest of his crew, Angel was deeply affected by Fred's Loss of life, to The purpose in which he briefly viewed as an make an effort to help save her that will have killed Many Other people in the process, but at some point determined towards it ultimately.[27] When Fred was resurrected after the restoration of magic, Despite the fact that shocked to view her again, Angel was Obviously grateful to have an old Mate back as he set out to find out The explanation for her rebirth.

[143] Spike also referred to as Angel a "drama queen"[a hundred and forty four] and Cordelia when noted that he was melodramatic.[145] He's especially delicate to criticism, typically trivial, which include kinds about his seems to be or nit-picky responses about himself. Angel could also be braggy and in some cases pretentious, proven when he recounted stories of his battles to your persons of Pylea (who experienced hailed him a hero) and was even smugly flattered by their constant admiration of him, admitting to Lorne that it had been nice to get not have to offer the moral ambiguity judgments he normally acquired at your home.[146]

Rebecca Lowell: A short-lived like desire, Rebecca was an actress who hires Angel as her bodyguard. Studying about his vampire nature, she attempted to persuade him to sire her, not attempting to get website here older and unattractive, Mark Angel Comedy but her makes an attempt only resulted in Angel briefly reverting to Angelus when she medications his drink, inducing a feeling of bliss. Following this, she leaves the office and is rarely witnessed yet again.

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